The EVOLUTION 7405 4mat -CNC router and machining center for woodworking

The EVOLUTION series from HOLZ-HER - Vertical CNC-machining centers that demonstrate ingenious industrial design and extremely sturdy construction using only high quality components. Totally unique in its class the EVOLUTION 7405 4mat offers precision milling on all four edges of the workpiece leading to absolutely accurate dimensioned panels.

Unique and Versatil

The EVOLUTION 7405 4mat offers truly unique additional features. Precise edge routing on all four workpiece edges allows panels to be formatted completely.

The result is perfectly formated workpieces completely grooved and profiled on all edges. With an upgrade to the 6.5 kW HSK spindle with tool changer for 6 tools, the machine also allows profile milling, point thinning, engraving, etc. with automatic tool change in this machine class. The EVOLUTION 7405 4mat is therefore a full value machining center ready for implementation of an infinite variety of design ideas.

Unique Clamping Concept

Fully automatic positioning of suction cups. Automatic contact pressure independent of material thickness for optimum results and precise dimensions.

Extremely versatile - Optimum Performance

With optional tool changing package for 6 tools, including 6.5 kW HSK spindle, the HOLZ-HER EVOLUTION 7405 4mat is prepared for all challenges.

Automatic Tolerance Correction

Determination of exact length di-
mension and automatic correction of tolerances for dimension-dependent drilling. Ideal as perfect supplement for high precision drilling, e.g. for workpieces which have already been edged

100 % Precision – Your advantage!

Only the HOLZ-HER EVOLUTION 7405 4mat offers complete machining on all 4 edges of the workpiece as well as the surface. Perfect appearance – perfect fit!!

Even shorter machining times

Easy on material and time saving, because workpieces with lengths of up to 1,500 mm can be machined without reclamping. Up to 35 % shorter machining cycles

Full equipment for high drilling capacities

15 drilling spindles for 5 in-line holes each in X and Y directions as well as 6 horizontal drills and integrated sawing unit for quick and precise results.

The new extra large XL-Drilling Unit

Increases the processing range and the enormous versatility of the vertical processing center. Equipped with up to 22 spindles the drilling head can generously be fitted for hole-line drillings, constructional bore-holes and through-holes - time-consuming drill changes are not necessary. Especially the possibility to equip the drilling head with an additional double drilling spindle in Y direction and an extra strong spindle for pot ribbon drills brings a unique flexibility. Thus, e.g. 5 mm and 8 mm drillings can be brought in to the face in X and Y direction - flexibility to your advantage.

Complete machining – Convincingly good with the EVOLUTION 7405 4mat

  • Height up to 920 mm and length up 1,600 mm without re-clamping and to 3,200 mm without additional supports. And still extremely spacesaving and compact. (Image 1).
  • with the EVOLUTION 7405 4mat (Fig. 1). Simply adjust the bottom jointing dimension – the machine does everything else automatically.
  • Ideal for rear walls, sides, fronts and even kitchen counter tops. These can be processed in any length in workshops with appropriate space and safety intervals (Fig. 3).

Complete machining up to 1,500 mm on all 4 sides in one clamping operation

Significantly shorter machining times while maintaining maximum precision and machining quality

Fully automatic thickness adaptation for workpieces from 8 to 70 mm

Drilling Center EVOLUTION 7403